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    YoloBox is an all in one encoder, decoder, switcher and recorder which enables you to live stream over wifi or 4G. Find out how YoloBox is being used to live stream around the world.

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DigiBox is a master distributor, with 20 years’ experience in the broadcast, video and pro AV industries.

We have a highly-skilled network of resellers covering the UK and Europe, and are experts in content distribution, digital conversion and remote working technologies. We offer first-line support via our dedicated technical team, working with our sales team to create partnerships with customers and suppliers to help meet the challenges of the broadcast, post-production and pro AV markets.

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Kiloview Launch the U40

Kiloview Launch the U40

Kiloview Launch the U40, which transforms any camera into an NDI® camera
YoloLiv Partners with DigiBox

YoloLiv Partners with DigiBox

YoloLiv, the creators behind YoloBox Live Stream Studio today announced a new partnership with DigiBox…
Kiloview Partners with DigiBox

Kiloview Partners with DigiBox

Kiloview, one of the most influential and fast-growing companies in the video streaming industry today…

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It has never been easier to set up a live stream. Find out how @YoloLiv's YoloBox and an @AJAVideo U-Tap helped com… https://t.co/VVCh5ymTNi
@AJA's BRIDGE LIVE offers a comprehensive platform for live video streaming, including support for SRT, RTMP/S, RTP… https://t.co/SYyLzbuPeg
Wishing all of our customers, partners and staff a prosperous Lunar New Year! #YearOfOx #LunarNewYear2021 https://t.co/8jk3fOEMBC
@Wohler releases Dolby Atmos 3D Room Visualizer for their iAM-12G-SDI completing the integration with #DolbyAtmos… https://t.co/Bf94zGxAce
@kiloview have launched the U40, which transforms any camera into an NDI® camera! Connect to an HDMI or USB camera… https://t.co/m5obakHHBD

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LMP Keyboards

LMP keyboards are a cost effective alternative to Mac keyboards without compromise in design or performance. The keycaps are laser-engraved and have a traditional tactile feeling.


USB Numeric Keyboard

The LMP USB Keyboard KB-1243-SG is a cost-effective alternative to the Apple Magic Keyboard and can be connected to any Mac with a free USB port.

This robust USB keyboard in 3-zone layout with 110 keys (ISO) and a cover made of anodized aluminum has a numeric keypad which also has the “=” sign. This allows you to work quickly with numbers and in tables. The keys are laser engraved and therefore feel pleasant on the fingertips. They have a traditional key stroke. Even longer work is easy thanks to the high reactivity and precision. The elegant design integrates the keyboard seamlessly into any Mac environment.

The two USB 2.0 ports on the side of the keyboard allow convenient operation of USB devices with low power consumption (e.g. USB mouse or USB flash memory).
The LMP USB keyboard KB-1243-SG has Mac-typical special characters: Adjust brightness of screen; music on/pause, forward and backward; sound off, softer and louder; disc eject and mission control. Alternatively, you can work with the programmable function keys F1 to F19 instead of the special characters via a simple key combination.

KB-1243-SG can be connected to both older and current Mac with free USB port (from OS X 10.5 to 10.11, macOS 10.12 and higher).

Keyboard layout options


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  • Wired USB keyboard for Mac with 110 keys (ISO)
  • 2x USB 2.0 hub for low-energy peripherals
  • Aluminum upper cover
  • Laser-engraved keycaps
  • Numeric keypad with “=” sign
  • For all Mac with USB port and Mac OS X 10.5 or higher
Available in Silver and Space Grey.

LMP Bluetooth numeric Keyboard

The LMP Bluetooth keyboard WKB-1243 becomes the hub for your digital life: Pair the LMP WKB-1243 Bluetooth keyboard with up to 4 devices (hosts) and switch instantly between your Mac, iOS devices or even PC by simply pressing a key combination.

This fullsize 3-zone keyboard features 110 keys (ISO) and the a numeric keypad which includes the “=” sign. The keycaps are laser engraved and have the traditional key stroke and travel distance. The upper cover is made out of anodized aluminum and the uncomplicated design blends in perfectly with just about any Mac.

The WKB-1243 has the Mac-typical special function keys such as adjustment of brightness or music on/pause, etc. Alternatively, you can work with the programmable function keys F1 to F19 instead of the special characters via a simple key combination (“fn + esc”).

The Li-ion rechargeable battery is good for several months of work (based on a typical work day of 2 hours continuous typing). A 1m USB-C charging cable is included which let’s you charge from your Mac’s USB-C (Thunderbolt 3) port or any 5V USB-C charger. The Caps Lock LED will indicate the power status of the battery.

The WKB-1243 can be connected to older and current Bluetooth-enabled Mac or iOS devices as well as to Windows PC. The system requirements are OS X 10.5 to 10.11, macOS 10.12 and higher, iOS 13 and higher and iPad OS or Windows OS 7 and higher.

Note: FileVault is supported but the system start with a key combination (e.g. OS selection by pressing the alt key at start) is not supported. The USB-C cable can be used for charging only (no data transmission!).


  • Bluetooth keyboard for Mac and iOS devices with 110 keys (ISO)
  • Multi-host feature: Pairs with up to 4 devices (hosts)
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery for continuous working for several months (2 hours daily usage)
  • Aluminum upper cover
  • Laser-engraved keycaps
  • Fullsize 3-zone keyboard with numerical keypad with "=" sign
  • For all Bluetooth-enabled Mac, iOS devices and PC

Colour: Silver and white


LMP USB-C Numeric Keyboard

Working with your MacBook is giving you the freedom of location and time. However, the keyboard may not be suitable for a whole day of work. Especially working with numbers and formulas can be tedious as the numerical keypad is missing which also hosts the mathematical signs.

The LMP USB-C Keyboard KB-1843 can be attached to any USB-C (Thunderbolt 3) port of your Mac or even iPad Pro. It’s a fullsize, 3-zone keyboard with numerical keypad that includes the important “=” sign. No adapter needed when using it with a MacBook or iPad Pro – just plug it in and start working efficiently.

The KB-1843 has an all aluminum upper cover and features an extra USB-C port on the right upper corner for data exchange with low-power devices (e.g. a USB-C mouse). The Mac-typical special function keys can be used either as the printed symbols (e.g. brightness up/down, play/pause, etc.) or as true programmable funktion keys. Swapping between these two functions is made easy by a simple key combination (“fn + esc”). The laser-engraved keycaps have a short travel distance which closely resembles the MacBook keys. The stylish outlook fits perfectly with your Mac and iPad Pro environment – working efficiently and in style.

The system requirements are macOS 10.12 and higher, iOS 13 and higher and iPad OS or Windows OS 7 and higher. It can be used with any Mac or iPad Pro that features a USB-C (Thunderbolt 3) port.