Nomad - The Practical Solution for Remote Workflows

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16 Nov

Nomad - The Practical Solution for Remote Workflows

Join SNS to learn all about how EVO makes remote editing easier so your post-production team can keep creating from anywhere.

Productions are returning to set, and post-production teams are looking for practical solutions to their remote editing challenges. Whether your team is editing in the studio, at home, or across multiple locations, SNS’s simple and straightforward remote editing workflow tools can help. With Nomad, EVO’s built-in remote editing utility, your team can retrieve the proxy files and source media they need to keep projects moving forward. And with SNS VPN, editors can connect to EVO remotely for a secure and convenient remote editing workflow.


WEBINAR - NOVEMBER 18th 2020 14:30 GMT 

You’ll learn about:

  • Accessing your EVO shared storage server from anywhere with SNS VPN
  • Using Nomad to retrieve your media for offline editing
  • Conforming over VPN for a complete remote workflow
  • How quickly you can start working remotely with EVO

Presented by Alex Hlavaty, Head of Sales (EMEA) at Studio Network Solutions. Followed by a live Q&A.


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