SNS EVO Shared Storage for Education

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21 Feb

SNS EVO Shared Storage for Education

Built for media creation workflows, perfect for education.


Teaching Media Production

Prepare your students for a career with the world’s top media companies by exposing them to the technology they will see in their future employers’ workflows. With EVO, your students will have hands-on experience with the same technology in use at Disney, HBO, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Viacom, and thousands of other media companies.

Producing Media for Institutions

Increase your productivity with ultra-fast performance, intuitive media asset management, advanced automation and integrations, and built-in remote editing capabilities only available with EVO.

Trusted by Leading Organisations

Engineered with faculty and students in mind, EVO provides centralised, secure, and manageable access to your media and projects. EVO is currently used at local, national, and international educational institutions including senior schools, community colleges, vocational schools, online learning environments and many of the world’s most prestigious universities.

Remote Workflows with Nomad

Let your students, instructors, and media production teams work from anywhere with Nomad, EVO’s remote editing utility. Nomad retrieves lightweight proxy files or source media for your team’s individual workstations, enabling remote workflows for after school projects, online courses, and temporary needs such as inclement weather.


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  • On Campus & Online

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A VPN (virtual private network) is a simple, secure way to access files stored on EVO from outside the office or classroom. SNS VPN, a secure, cloud-hosted VPN solution built specifically for EVO enables students, faculty and staff safely access the files they need from anywhere.

Online Education Made Easy

On campus, online, or a hybrid of both, modern education happens everywhere. EVO enables online learning workflows for innovative educational institutions around the world.

sns evo case studies
SNS case study

Case Study: MasterClass Uses EVO to Create Online Filmmaking Courses Taught by Herzog, Sorkin

Since launching in 2015, thousands of students have learned filmmaking, screenwriting, singing, acting—even tennis—from MasterClass’ star-studded cast of instructors. Aaron Sorkin teaches screenwriting, Christina Aguilera teaches singing, and Werner Herzog teaches filmmaking, to name a few.

“Our goal is to be the gold standard of online education,” said Andy Fink, lead editor at MasterClass, for MasterClass to be “a place where people can learn from the greatest minds in the world.” And it’s all made possible with their EVO shared storage workflow solution. “Other products we evaluated seemed more complicated than they needed to be,” said Fink, “but EVO just works, and it doesn’t take a lot of my time to administer. We have better processes in place because of EVO. Without it, it would always be crunch time.”
SNS case study

Case Study: EVO Passes the Test at Georgetown University

At Georgetown University, video plays a significant role in strengthening the university’s brand. Emma Curran, Videographer at Georgetown University’s Office of Strategic Communications, explained that external drives were slowing their team’s productivity down to a halt. Copying files and trying to locate media was causing them to waste hundreds of hours per year. They needed something more efficient.

“I went on a massive research campaign and started calling other schools and talking to colleagues,” said Curran. “Eventually, we’d heard so many great things about EVO that we decided to call SNS.”

“We needed something simple that allowed us to work the way we wanted to work, and that let us organise and share media with multiple editors. EVO is incredibly reliable, and the software is easy to use. We don’t ever have to worry about performance or slowdowns while we’re editing,” said Emma. “Having EVO as a central storage location for everyone has been crucial to our productivity.”

The team has saved over 200 hours per year by eliminating tedious searching and copying alone. That amounts to money saved for Georgetown, and it also allows Emma and her team to create content faster.

“EVO is an investment in the future of our team. As our department continues to expand, we know that we have a reliable and seamless solution that grows and evolves with us.”

Search, find, tag, comment and preview... for the whole team

Every EVO shared storage workflow server includes unlimited licenses of ShareBrowser media asset management and enhanced features like Slingshot automation, cloud integration, and remote editing with Nomad. Expansion options are available to add capacity or increase the number of connectivity ports for most units. For any team and any workflow, there’s an EVO for everyone.

EVO Prodigy Desktop

Small, quiet, and powerful—an EVO Prodigy Desktop is the perfect shared storage solution for compressed workflows, mobile use, and studios without rack space.

SNS EVO Prodigy Desktop

EVO 8 Bay

Great for small to medium-sized teams, the EVO 8 Bay accommodates up to 24 drives per system for high performance shared storage workflows.

EVO 16 Bay

The most popular system, the EVO 16 Bay provides scalable shared storage with Petabyte expandability for large teams and demanding workflows.

SNS EVO 16 Bay