Streaming Media - All in on NDI

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14 May

Streaming Media - All in on NDI

If you're new to NDI (Network Device Interface), it's a standard developed by NewTek that enables the use of high-quality, low-latency video on existing and standard IP networks.


In this month's issue Streaming Media explore a range of user case studies, talk through product information and offer technical help for those just getting started with sending video and audio over a network.


With technology ranging from the NewTek Tricaster 4k to BirdDog cameras and comms it's a great round up for both NDI newbies and those wishing to get the best out of their existing NDI workflows.

Streaming Media Image
In this short video that accompanies the article Anthony Barokas of IEBA Communications talks about what he believes is the next generation in video production, networked video. 

Setting up a three camera NDI video within a corporate environment the film covers common questions about using NDI within protect IT networks, the kit he uses and the differences between a traditional shoot and an NDI environment.