Theatrixx Release Media Player Update

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19 Jan

Theatrixx Release Media Player Update

Theatrixx Media Player Release Notes v1.1.0 

Theatrixx have released an update for their Media Player Software

The update can be installed in just a few steps:

  1. Connect your Media Player to an internet-connected network (i.e. local office LAN, etc)
  2. In the web GUI or from the front panel, navigate to Settings -> Software Update
  3. Click on "Get Latest From Web". If you receive an error message, the player probably can't "see" the internet. Check your player's network configuration.
  4. Click on "Begin Update"
  5. The update will take approximately 15 minutes. Once it is complete, all you have to do is reboot your device, and it will then be running the latest software.

New Features

  • Hardware: Full support for the StreamDeck Original (v1)
  • Hardware: TAKE key is disabled while in Direct mode.
  • Hardware: New frame-by-frame advance button assignable to front panel and/or StreamDeck profiles.
  • OLED Interface: The interface features a new streamlined color scheme.
  • OLED Interface: Long pressing the "Back" button on the front panel brings the navigation back to the home page.
  • OLED Interface: Gen-Lock (SDI Sync) status displayed in the Video Settings page.
  • OLED Interface: Added identification of IP addresses on the dashboard page (F and B for Front and Back ports).
  • Web Client: Control bar is disabled when the controls are unavailable (when in test pattern, or multi-device follower mode).
  • Web Client: Double-clicking on a Queue Item loads it in the "Up Next" slot.
  • Web Client: Hardware remote keys can now be replaced by dragging a new action over an already assigned one.
  • Web Client: New frame-by-frame advance button (visible by holding down the SHIFT key).
  • Media Management: The "Comments" field content is copied from the Media File to the Playlist and Queue when file is added to them.

Bug Fixes 

  • Video Playback: Once the STOP command is sent, the video and audio continue playback and fades out according to the "Master Fade Out" setting, instead of freezing and fading out on a still frame. 
  • Video Playback: Test Pattern was not always activated properly after a factory reset. 
  • Video Playback: The Identity test screen was not always showing the resolution, especially immediately after booting up. 
  • OLED Interface: The Test Pattern Settings page was not always displaying the selected Test Pattern name. 
  • OLED Interface: Added a few missing French translations. 
  • Device Core: When performing a factory reset, the Live Queue and the Snapshots were not cleared.

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