Wohler - IP ready i VAM2-2 replaces AMP2-16V-M series

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13 Oct

Wohler - IP ready i VAM2-2 replaces AMP2-16V-M series

IP ready i VAM2-2 replaces AMP2-16V-M series

October 13th, 2021 –  After more than 12 years in production, Wohler has announced the discontinuation of their AMP2-16V-M series, which has been replaced by their IP ready i VAM2-2.

The AMP2-16V-M series set the market standard for more than a decade and for many years was Wohler’s flagship AV monitor.  The product’s global market acceptance and success made the monitor one of Wohler’s all-time best-selling products.  Almost immediately after its release, a major UK broadcaster ordered in excess of 100 units and, as testament to its quality and functionality, they are still in use today. From that day on, sales of the product continued to exceed all expectations. Wohler expects the AMP2-16V-M series will continue to have a long operating life in the field and is committed to maintain its ongoing support through the rest of its life cycle.  

As Wohler spokesperson Kim Templeman-Holmes, VP of Sales & Marketing, states, “The build of the AMP2-16V-M series was challenged by several of its components becoming increasingly difficult to source, while others were moving to end-of-life, including the Dolby CAT1100 decoder module, for which we’ve now developed a proprietary solution.  Another consideration was the transitioning of the broadcast market to IP workflows, which the AMP-16V-M doesn’t support.

To keep our products relevant to the evolving needs of the market, we developed the 1U i VAM1-3 and the 2U i VAM2-2, the latter becoming Wohler’s replacement for the retired AMP2-16V-M. The i VAM series can be configured with multiple signal options, including AES3, AES 67, MADI SMPTE 2110 & 2022-6. Dolby decoding is also available as an option. For customers requiring 2022-7, an AoIP option card is available and includes primary and secondary RJ-45 ports, plus support for either DanteTM or RavennaTM and 2110-30 streams.  As demand for HDR monitoring is also increasing, we include HDR detection as standard on both the i VAM1-3 and i VAM2-2.

All of Wohler’s IP ready monitoring products are built to handle diverse monitoring requirements. Importantly, they also provide customers the ability to meet changing technical requirements with the option to add features and functionality at any given point in time. This allows for targeted and timely control of spend and enhanced product flexibility and longevity. 

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, but Wohler is delighted to be able to provide the market with a technically advanced, user-friendly solution to the loss of the AMP2-16V-M with the i VAM2-2 AV monitor.”

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Wohler Technologies started out more than 30 years ago with the creation of the industry’s first in-rack audio monitoring product. Together, Wohler’s cost-effective solutions ensure reliable signal monitoring and correction in IP and baseband formats

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