Wohler release new software updates for i VAM1-1

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02 Sep

Wohler release new software updates for i VAM1-1

Wohler release new software updates for their iVAM1-1 at IBC

Wohler Technologies announces two new features to their highly economical, and popular market leading iVAM1-1 AV Monitor.

First, with the introduction of an optional ‘Monitoring Presets’ to their iVAM1-1, Wohler has enhanced the flexibility and configurability to select and combine signal sources. Second, their newly added ‘Output Routing’ option, already available on other iSeries products, allows channels to be either routed, or combined and routed, in custom ways to various destination outputs. It may be applied to signals being monitored directly from the front panel, or by using presets that have been created to apply the Output Routing. Both of these features, OPT-PRESETS and OPT-OUTPUT ROUTING, are now licensable options to upgrade the feature set of the iVAM1-1.

“These new features are important additions that allow our customers to benefit from additional preset configurations, and routing capabilities they may need. These features are being rolled out as software upgrades, needing no change to hardware, and are therefore also available to all our existing customers who have invested in the iVAM1-1. Wohler’s successful product development continues to be led by collaborating closely with our users, incorporating their valuable feedback into our roadmap,” says Kim Templeman-Holmes, VP of Sales and Marketing.

Join Wohler in hall 8 on stand A56 at IBC 2022.

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Wohler Technologies started out more than 30 years ago with the creation of the industry’s first in-rack audio monitoring product. Together, Wohler’s cost-effective solutions ensure reliable signal monitoring and correction in IP and baseband formats

Based in Hayward, California, Wohler counts many of the world’s finest broadcast, motion picture, and production facilities among its customers. More information about Wohler is available at www.wohler.com.

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