YoloBox Update 3.4

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11 Feb

YoloBox Update 3.4

What’s New in YoloBox v3.4? Check out the new side by side, PiP and split screen options bringing even more creative functionality to this incredible live streaming 7" touch screen all in one switcher, encoder and recorder.

Here's what to expect in the latest update for YoloLiv's YoloBox: 

  • The HDMI Output now exports the main program feed including overlays and titles. This enables you to export to another recording device, or another live streaming encoder.
  • This update includes the ability to display comments on the live stream itself
  • You can now add a pdf file as a video source. This enable you to use the two hdmi inputs for different camera sources and switch between slides from the pdf source.
  • The PiP aspect ratio can now be changed so that you can minimise the size of the PiP to a square, or portrait size if required.
  • Side by side mode - The side by side mode allows you to have a branded layer in the background, with a speaker window on one side and their slides alongside them, or two camera sources alongside each other.  
  • The Split screen mode allows you to put two video sources alongside each other and select where they are split, either by a vertical or diagonal line. The YoloBox will centre each source to compensate for this mode. This mode is perfect for interviews where each participant is in a different location.

Find out more about the latest updates in this short YouTube review from Aaron Parecki:

Your YoloBox should automatically update to the new firmware, contact  for more information or to arrange a demo.

Find out more about YoloBox the all in one encoder, switcher, monitor and recorder, allowing users to live stream full HD multi camera content from anywhere, to anywhere on our brand pages.