YoloBox Firmware Update 3.5

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15 Apr

YoloBox Firmware Update 3.5

What’s New in YoloBox v3.5? 

Here's what to expect in the latest update for YoloLiv's YoloBox: 

  • Frame dropping during broadcast - Fix
  • Change the background colour of the scoreboard
  • New transitions added; flip page and cube
  • Now supports single platform live stream from RTMP

New to YoloBox? Watch this short video from Paul Ream of ExtraShot on YouTube:

"The YoloBox is a video audio switcher that can cut and wipe between multiple sources, including graphics which is controlled using an impressive, bright 7” touch screen monitor. It has a built in encoder so it’s very easy to go live to multiple places at once, using wifi, ethernet or 4G if you put a SIM card in it. Alternatively you can record onto an SD card and edit or transmit later", says Paul Ream of Extrashot on YouTube.

"The first time you turn a YoloBox on you need to register your account with YoloLiv, this is key because when you buy a YoloBox you’re not just buying the hardware, you’re buying access to their very clever media server which manages the video streaming from the box to wherever you want to go live, even to multiple places at once. There’s no subscription, it’s all part of the deal and it’s what makes going live so easy and accessible on the YoloBox. Register once, put in your social media or RTMP account details and YoloLiv will do the rest."

"The YoloBox is all you need, and even has a built in battery that will run for over three hours making it a very portable solution for going live almost anywhere."

Your YoloBox should automatically update to the new firmware, contact  for more information or to arrange a demo.

Find out more about YoloBox the all in one encoder, switcher, monitor and recorder, allowing users to live stream full HD multi camera content from anywhere, to anywhere on our brand pages.