YoloBox vs Atem Mini Deep Dive

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28 Oct

YoloBox vs Atem Mini Deep Dive

YouTube livestreaming technology influencer Aaron Pareki has released a deep dive into the differences between the YoloBox (and YoloBox Pro) and the ATEM Mini lineup of streaming video switchers.

Covering a range of applications Aaron discusses the pros and cons of each solution. 

00:00 Intro and Disclosures 01:50 The 10,000 Foot View  02:56 Original ATEM Mini vs YoloBox

06:55 How quickly can you get started?  09:07 Extra required accessories 10:21 Automation and External Control

11:48 Picture Quality  18:55 Chroma Key Comparison  20:40 Stability and Reliability

22:31 Audio Capability  24:44 Firmware Updates  26:04 Summary

Discover more of Aaron Parecki's videos on his YouTube Channel.

Find out more about YoloBox and YoloBox Pro the all in one encoder, switcher, monitor and recorder, allowing users to live stream full HD multi camera content from anywhere, to anywhere